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Many people are affected by deep under eye hollows which often result in a tired, sunken appearance. Although there may be a genetic predisposition to under eye hollows, they also become more apparent as the face looses volume during the ageing process.


Solutions to this common problem include:


  • Cosmetics to camouflage the eye area. Although cosmetics may hide dark discolouration under the eye, they are ineffective at improving the actual eye hollow.

  • Surgical tightening of the eyelid, which is costly and accompanied by recovery time and bruising of the eye area.

  • Dermal filler injections which can effectively fill in the eye hollow, creating a natural appearance that is less tired-looking.

Special Treatment of Under Eye Hollow

(Tear Trough)

We perform Tear Trough injections utilizing Hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers - a naturally occurring sugar found in the body to restore lost volume in the under eye area. The treatment is very safe, and takes only minutes to perform with results lasting up to one year or longer.

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